Friday, 27 July 2018

Manav Kendra II

 Man Making Center

It is a well-known fact that whenever the Lord wants to meet its loving souls, he came upon the earth as Saints and mystics and serve their life in this long service of love and compassion to humanity.
From the early times, Humanity is driven by the Saints to ages to serve Humans and tell the Truth to the World, What are We? What we are doing here and many more questions which arise in the human mind. But all the Answers to these questions are taken out of the Saints and the Mystics and being served to mankind which makes a human, a human in actual perspectives.
One of these efforts was put by Sant Kirpal Singh, whole throughout his life, he gave teachings to Mankind About Humanity, Peace, And Love and for the same purpose, he built Manav Kendra at Dehradun.

Master with people, giving answers to their questions

And for this compassionate work to Mankind, he got awarded The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem( Knights of Malta), he was the first Non-Christian who get this Award. He also gets elected as president of the World Fellowship Of Religions( an Organization recognized by UNESCO). He also addresses the Indian Parliament on 1 August 1974, he was the first Saint who had been invited for a such occurrence at the Indian Parliament.

Master giving a talk to people

Good work had been done by the World Fellowship of Religions and now people can mix with each other but one danger is ahead and that is the leadership to these as the Master said that they should also know thyself, about their soul and actual home, despite the outer appearance they have same to inner way.
To combat this Religious Chauvinism. It was thought to start work for regeneration at the root level. Man-Making must take precedence and it could only be possible by including people to inculcate them into the Idea of selfless love and service and it could only be done by the emphasis on man service, land service, animal service and with this idea, it took its real shape with the construction of Manav Kendra.

Master Standing At Mansarovar

A story related to the construction of Manav Kendra is-
The First Structure Built at Manav Kendra was a four-story building or Tower holding a water tank at the top. Before the work begins to pour Concrete forms the roof. Master had all Men Women, and Children stand together while one man led them by singing a song from the Scriptures. The singing continued all through the night along the work. Women's carried the baskets of mud and the men's hoisted them to the tower top by ladder. Because the work of pouring concrete had to be completed, hence people were working till one at noon. Master went to his room. Everyone gets wondered as Master went to his room for rest. Then a message gets passed to all to come for the Langar and what they saw over there is that the Master was serving food on each plate to all five hundred workers and all get surprised by this event.

 Master Serving Langar to People

 A Picture showing the whole Man Making centre.

There is an oval-shaped reservoir, called Mansarovar or Sarovar by the people. The land below it has a natural spring which provides water without pumping to the pool which is 350 feet long and 250 feet wide. This place is created for people to come here and meditate.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Transportation in Dehradun


                                  Travelling in the City

The love city Dehradun has many stories whether it is of lifestyle or cultural living, anything which is related to the city has its own calmness and fun within. Today I'm gonna tell you about the fun you can find while travelling throughout the city using Public Transport.

1. Vikram:- One of the oldest transportation forms in the city is Vikram. It is stated as these Vikrams were about to be seen from the City and State gets formed. Some of its special features are:-

Vikram  Front
The Front View of Vikram

Vikram back
Back View of the Vikram
  • All through the city, you can see a vehicle of  Blue Color running over the roads, exactly that is a Vikram.
  • They are small vehicles that are usually used by the citizens to travel inside the city, you can see them in almost every place in the city.
  • Every Vikram has a particular number over its front and back which represents a route number of the city.
  • You can see different kinds of decor inside a Vikram which represents the ambience which the driver wants to share with peoples.
  • They charge you with minimal fairs for travelling.
  • They provide the service of transportation from early morning to 8 pm at night.
  • 9-10 peoples can easily sit in this, while the fourth person at the back can face a problem of a seat with some fatty peoples on either side.

2. City Bus:-  Another Boss of transportation in the city is none other than City Bus. You can easily see a Blue colour (mainly) Bus having some names written over at its front and back which tells about the starting and ending destination of the route on which it runs. Some of its features are:-

Bus View
Inside view of  a bus
  •  Just like Vikram, Buses have also an interior look which seems comfortable for travellers.
  • Some buses have the problem of seat arrangements, they have quite a little space for your legs.
  • While on the other hand, some buses are quite spacious and comfortable as well.
  • They'll provide you with their service from morning 6 am to  8 pm.
  • In certain timings like in the morning or evening, these are especially get filled with people and I'm serious about it.
  • These buses connect the major portions of the city.
  • 28-30 peoples can easily sit while it has space also to stand along the seats, further it depends on the bus how many peoples can stand in it.

3.  Magic:- Well it is actually Tata Magic, introduced after 2010 in the city.  In the laymen, they are known as Magic. They are white in colour with as usual a number ahead which shows the same. Some of its features are:-

Tata Magic
Front View of the Magic

  • They mainly connect the remote areas of the city to the clock tower i.e. the heart of the city.
  • 12 peoples can easily sit in this and even run fast to their destinations.
  • They usually have a timetable on which they run.
  • They have a comfortable ambience for their travellers as well as spacious too.
  • They usually travel long as compared to Vikram and Buses.
  • You can experience a comfortable ride on Magic.
  • They also provide you with their service with the mean time of the city transportation i.e. 6 am- 8 pm.

4. Auto:- The most underrated transportation in the city is the Auto.
It is usually black and yellow in colour with no Number on it's front even they also don't have Meters for ride fair. Some of its features are:-

Autos on Auto stand

  • They took ride fair which is usually negotiable by the travellers.
  • You can take the auto where ever in the city but its fair is usually high as compared to above transportations.
  • It's up to the size of auto which decides how many peoples can sit in it, usually 2-4 peoples can sit in this.
  • They are small in size and can easily move in a small area as well.
  • This is the only mode of transportation in the city which provides you with their service even after 8 pm, you can easily find an auto after 10 pm as well.
  • They usually get booked by the peoples for moving and coming back to someplace.
  • They are comfortable and have the almost same look from the inside for all.
  • A new range of OLA autos is also now running over the city roads.

5. Electric Rickshaw:- Last and least as well, electric rickshaw had made an impression on the city travellers. Since our city is basically a Vickram City, peoples get hesitated to travel in the electric rickshaw. Some of its features are:-

Electric Rickshaw waiting for passengers.

  •  They are small in size and hardly 4 peoples can sit in it.
  • Relatively they have higher fairs than Vikram's.
  • They are a bit slower than other modes of transportation in the city.
  • They usually run over short distances in the city.
  • They don't have destination numbers like other transports.
  • They are mostly opened i.e. people aren't covered mostly in it if rain occurs you can easily get wet.
  • Also, they can't take you to higher places like hilly areas even that's why you can't see an electric rickshaw on Rajpur Road.
So, these are some common modes of transportations used by the citizens to travel in the city. If you have doubts and concerns regarding any of these, please mention them in comments.