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Manav Kendra

Man Making Center

 Manav Kendra or Man making Center is a spiritual centre Formed by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj in the foothills of Dehradun on 6 February 1970, having facilities of Langar(food), Hospitality, School and Old Age Home for all the needy persons irrespective of their caste, culture, creed, and religion.  There are some aims for which the Manav Kendra was created:-

A view of Kothi at Manav Kendra

  • To know and practically realize the real nature of the native self.
  • To become a true citizen of the world is a useful member of humankind.
  • To cast a man into a real and actual human for universal love at its supreme.
In short, the objective behind the creation of Manav Kendra is to create a centre for the integration of all humanity and human needs so that it becomes helpful for them to reach their supreme spiritual goal.

Sant Kirpal Singh
The Kothi (main mansion) has three trees growing through the middle of it.

As the Kothi(main mansion) was about to build, the architect asks the Master that we have to cut the trees for creating the Kothi as it will create a problem in making the roof of it and also would bring danger that it may get fell and destroy it whole. The Master replied-" there is no need to cut the trees, this place is the home of these trees and the creatures live here and you want to put them out of their homes, it is not correct. You should build the roof  without cutting the trees." 

Even when small bushes get cut during construction, people find snakes and other small creatures the master said -" there is no need to kill these creatures, you just carry them and leave them at the remote site."

Manav Kendra
A huge tree on the premises of Manav Kendra

Sant Kirpal Singh
The Master serving langar to the sewadars

All through the construction, the land where the construction was to be done, the area gets quenched and muddy in the rainy climate which makes it difficult to observe as well as to work, but still, the master stands there sometimes he sat under the tree or sat in his car even the sewadars said that they didn't felt any tiredness although they had worked for hours and due to this dedication and effort the work gets completed in only two years. Even the master used to feed langar to the sewadars with his own hands. That was such a grace given by the master over the arena that until today the area got its smell and vibration from the master itself.

A picturesque of the Sarovar at Manav Kendra

  There is also a Sarovar(man-made pond) and a water tank made in the Manav Kendra which is used to supply the water all through the centre but it was considered a miracle because at the time when it was created, the city has a shortage of water and the water was also supplied to nearby areas.

It was told by the Master that earlier here, when Guru Gobind Singh was travelling to Hemkund Sahib, his horse's leg get stuck in a small pond after which he sat down a tree and rested for a while.
hence the master suggests creating that pond in a bigger form and with the decision the Sarovar was created, which was the largest oval-shaped pond in the whole of Asia.

Sant Kirpal Singh
A portrait of Master, giving Darshan to Devotes at Manav Kendra

The master gave Satsangs here every day and many of his followers from across the country came here to listen to their Satsangs which give them peace and realization of inner aspects of spirituality.
Once he concluded his all teachings and gave a slogan -" Be Good, Do Good, Be One".


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